how to add a tattoo to poser and DAZ figures

You can download original tattoos from my free stuff. For this tutorial I'll use tattoo_01 (drawn by me). It's a high resolution image good for DAZ figures as well.

The textures of Poser and DAZ can't be distributed due to copyright, for this reason you'll need to add the tattoo image over your own textures.

I have used Poser 4pp and Adobe Photoshop, but you can use other image-editor as Corel Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro …


Step one: Select the texture

1. Open Poser and select the character which you want to apply the tattoo.

2. Select the body part where you want to apply the tattoo. In this case the head: click on face camera and select the head.

3. Open surface material’s window (Menu: Render > Materials or Ctrl-U)

4. Annotate the name of the texture map , in this case “p4 woman texture.tif”

5. Search this file in your PC, it should be here => C:\Program Files\Curious Labs\Poser4\Runtime\textures\Poser 4 Textures\

Step two: Adding the tattoo

1. Open the texture (p4 woman texture.tif) and the tattoo (enax_tattoo01.psd) into Photoshop.

2. Click on enax_tattoo01 and drag it into “p4 woman texture.tif” and save this file as “p4 wtex tattoo01.tif”

3. This tattoo is high resolution for DAZ figures, and P4 Woman texture is low resolution, we will need scale this layer proportionally and we will put the tattoo where we like, cantered with the guide.


4. Make the tattoo layer a little transparent.

5. Flatten the image and save as “p4 wtex tattoo01.tif” in the original folder.


Step three: Changing the texture

1. We can close Photoshop and go back to Poser.

2. Go to Render > Materials in the top menu. This open the “Surface Material” window (Ctrl-U)

3. In “Texture Map” change “p4 woman texture.tif” loading our new file “p4 wtex tattoo01.tif”

4. Click OK and you have finished.

DAZ people

DAZ figures use a different texture system that the default Poser characters. DAZ have more resolution and use a map for the head and other for the body. But the method is the same that the Poser characters, you only need locate the texture map and edit it.

Above image: you can see the comparison of the textures, all scaled to 20 %


Other applications

You can modify clothes textures as well.




Please feel free to contact me with any comments, feedback or suggestions. I would also like to see any art you create using my free stuff.

Let me know your suggestions for new products.

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  Date: October 18. 2002